Binter: Pamplona – Canary Islands flights

Binter Pamplona offers the possibility of traveling to the Canary Islands non-stop. The flights to Gran Canaria are among the most popular from Pamplona Noain airport. And it is that they offer the possibility of reaching the archipelago in just three hours and with the great comfort that Binter offers to all visitors.

But not only that. In addition, Binter gives you the option of traveling from Pamplona to any other island at no additional cost.

Binter flights from Pamplona to the Canary Islands

Binter operates flights from Pamplona to the Canary Islands. Thus, the Canarian airline flies from Noain to the Canary Islands, with an interesting selection of two weekly flights. In any case, it is really connected to all the islands. And it is that Binter offers a free transport service to each of the 7 islands, from the island of arrival. In this case, Gran Canaria.

Thus, when you go to the islands, you can visit all the others for the same price. If you need more information about these transfers, consult the official Binter website.

Binter offers two weekly direct flights from Pamplona to Gran Canaria on a regular basis throughout the year.

Luggage in Binter Pamplona

Binter flights to Gran Canaria from Pamplona allow one hand luggage. This luggage can have a maximum of 8 kg. Of course, the company reserves the right, in case there is not enough space in the cabin, to be able to lower some luggage to the hold of the plane. Of course, in the event that it happens, there will be no redundant cost to pay for it.
The measurements of this Binter hand luggage must be the following.

  • Length 25 cm.
  • Width 52 cm.
  • Height 40 cm.

On the other hand, all Binter fares that are not the ‘Basic’ include the possibility of adding another checked baggage. In this case, it is a large piece of luggage that can weigh up to 23 kg.

Of course, you have to bear in mind that in addition to what is hand luggage, Binter also allows you to carry your personal effects. These are the objects that Binter considers personal effects, according to its own website.

  • Briefcase or small bag.
  • Wallet.
  • Purse.
  • Baby food.
  • Mobile phone or smartphone.
  • Coat or travel blanket.
  • Reading for the flight.
  • Computer or portable device.
  • Shopping bag at the airport.
  • Tablet.
  • Small camera.
  • Layette or cradle to transport babies.

What you certainly do not need to bring is food. And it is that Binter includes an epicure appetizer on board the flights that arrive in the peninsula. It does not matter which ocean rate you choose, since it is included in all of them.

Binter Pamplona Canarias aircraft

The aircraft used by Binter for its flights between Pamplona and the Canary Islands are the E195-E2. They are not very common aircraft in Europe. In fact, Binter is the first European company to opt for this Embraer model. A model that is the largest and most modern of the E-Jet E2.

This airplane flew for the first time in March 2017. It is an airplane that stands out for being the “quiest, cleanest and most efficient single-aisle airplane in the world”, according to the company itself.

In any case, its most attractive feature is that Binter offers a distribution of two seats on each side of the aisle. Thanks to this distribution, whenever you travel with the company you will do it either at the window or in the aisle, and never in between.

In this way, there are 132 seats offered by Binter in each of its aircraft. And each of them has a distance of 79 centimeters. On the other hand, the planes only have one class, so everyone who travels with Binter does so in economy class.

Company history

Binter was born in 1989. It has been offering a service to all the inhabitants of the Canary Islands for many years, uniting all the islands on a daily basis. And that was precisely the objective manual of the company, which after a few months already offered 36 flights between Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Tenerife and La Palma. Without proscription, the growth of the company was exponential.

Currently, more than 220 daily flights make up the Binter offer, which not only has connections between the 8 Canarian airports, but also links the archipelago with other international and national destinations. Proof of this is the data from 2019, a year in which it transported more than 4 million people.

One of the destinations from which you can travel to the Canary Islands with Binter is, precisely, Pamplona-Noain airport.

Awards to Binter

In the last decade, Binter has received several awards. Among them are the ‘Best Airline’ and ‘Favourite European Airline of Travelers by country’ according to Tripadvisor in 2019. It was also the most punctual airline in the world in several months of 2015 and in all of 2009 In that period, more than 96 of the flights in those months were on time, according to Flightview.

These are all the prizes that have been awarded to Binter:

  • Roque Nublo (Council of Gran Canaria, in 2020).
  • Canary Islands Tourism (Government of the Canary Islands, in 2020).
  • International Aviation Hostess Award (in 2019).
  • Best Favorite European Airline of Travelers by country (Tripadvisor, in 2019).
  • Best Tourist Class (Trip Advisor, in 2018).
  • FICA Award for the Best International Company of the archipelago (Ministry of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands, in 2016).
  • World’s most punctual airline’ (Flightview, April/May 2015).
  • 5th position best airline in the world (eDreams, based on the evaluation of its users, in 2013).
  • Most punctual airline in Europe and North America (FlightStats, in 2009).
  • Six times ‘Airline of the Year’ (Association of European Regional Airlines-ERA).