Pamplona – Mallorca Flights

If you have a few days of vacation and want to take a trip, but you still haven’t decided where to fly, the Pamplona Mallorca flights represent one of the most pleasant options offered by the . And it is that the Iberia-Air Nostrum airline is in charge of making these unions, with four weekly trips in very high season. This connection from Navarra to the Balearic Islands is very interesting for citizens who want to do tourism or travel to the Balearic island for family or work reasons.

Keep in mind that the sooner you buy the ticket to Mallorca, the cheaper it will be. And it is that regularly, the prices of Iberia-Air Nostrum trips rise as the date of the trip approaches. Count on it and don’t waste your time.

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Visit Mallorca

The list of options to enjoy in Mallorca is extensive. Naturally, the most prominent place to visit is the cathedral of Mallorca. However, it is not the only space to pay attention to.

You should also visit the Royal Palace of the Almudaina. And it is that it is another obligatory visit of the city. On the other hand, if what you like is visiting solitary natural spaces, take advantage and don’t hesitate to go to Sant Elm. This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy your favorite activity in the Balearic Islands.

pamplona mallorca flights

One of the essential parts of traveling is finding places to eat and replenish energy. Therefore, we invite you to go to La Lonja. It is the ideal place to eat, dine, stop for a drink and rest during your stay in Mallorca.

Take advantage to discover the best gastronomy of the Balearic Islands!

What to see on your trip from Pamplona in the surroundings of Mallorca

The most interesting thing about traveling to Mallorca does not end in the city, since around it it is possible to discover new places and do many other activities. Sóller is undoubtedly the place you cannot miss on your trip to the island. It is the most important space in the area, and an essential place for any tourist. And also for the people who live there.

In addition, you can see other beautiful towns in the outskirts of Mallorca; for example, Capdepera and Valldemosa. Either of these two places is suitable to enjoy throughout your stay on the Balearic island. You won’t regret discovering anything we’ve recommended!

Hotels in Mallorca

The main and also the best opportunity to look for accommodation on trips to Mallorca is, without a doubt, the Old Town of Palma. It is the preferred place to look for a place to sleep for all the people who visit the Balearic city.

Still, it’s not the only one. And it is that Mallorca offers many more spaces in which you can stay, such as, for example, Cala Major, which, being ideally located, gives you the alternative of sleeping in the vicinity of all the activities you want make on your trip.

Do you need places where competitive prices are prioritized? There are options too!

Playa de Palma is the perfect place if you are looking for an affordable option to spend the night. And it is, without a doubt, the area where you can find cheap hotels, hostels and apartments.

Finally, if your choice is to book accommodation far from the city because your intention is to visit other places, or it is better for you to book a hotel in Mallorca, Alcudia is the most suitable place to sleep in your trip. It is, without any doubt, a great option if you want to enjoy other places on the island, beyond its nerve center.

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Dates of the Pamplona-Mallorca flights

Iberia-Air Nostrum generally offers four Pamplona Mallorca weekly flights between both cities in very high season. These are flights that maintain, with few exceptions, the periodicity and permanent schedules for months. However, Iberia-Air Nostrum may modify the schedules and/or even the days on which these flights take place. Therefore, it is essential that you double check the dates and times of the flights you want to book for your trip to Mallorca before purchasing the flights.