Iberia – Air Nostrum Pamplona

Without a doubt, Iberia is the most historic airline in Spain. The Spanish company offers flights to Madrid almost 365 days a year, being the most frequent and only daily from Noain airport. In fact, up to three daily frequencies are offered between Pamplona and the capital of Spain with Air Nostrum – Iberia.

But he’s not the only one. In summer, these flights are extended and offer the opportunity to travel to other destinations. Find out about all Iberia and Air Nostrum flights that operate from Pamplona.

Iberia daily flights from Pamplona

normally operates three daily flights between Pamplona and Madrid. There are trips available throughout the year from Navarra to Madrid, which makes it the main attraction of the airport.

Other Iberia-Air Nostrum flights

Iberia Pamplona to Mallorca

Iberia-Air Nostrum offers several weekly flights from Pamplona to Mallorca in the very high summer season.

Iberia Pamplona Menorca

Menorca connects with Pamplona airport three times a week during part of the months of July and August.

Iberia from Pamplona to Ibiza

Two weekly flights connect Pamplona and Ibiza in the very high summer season.

Luggage in Iberia Pamplona

Like all airlines, Iberia and Air Nostrum have their own baggage policy when traveling with the airline to any destination from or to Pamplona. For this reason, we review in this text everything you can take with you on your trips with Iberia from Pamplona.

Check-in baggage

Iberia offers three types of weight to choose from for your checked baggage: 15 kg, 23 kg and 32 kg. In any case, the sum of the height, width and length of the luggage must not exceed 158 cm. Handles, pockets and wheels are included in the dimensions.

Remember: the maximum weight per piece is the one included in your franchise. In any case, you can pay overweight charges up to a maximum of 32 kg. If it exceeds 32 kg, you will not be able to check it in. On the other hand, if you need to transport more luggage, you can add an additional suitcase when making the reservation. You can also add up to 9 more bags during online check-in.

Hand luggage

The amount of baggage you can take in the cabin depends on the type of ticket you have purchased. These are the hand luggage items that you can take with you when you fly with Iberia, Iberia Express or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum:

  • Tourist or Premium Tourist: 1 cabin suitcase and 1 personal accessory. 10 kg maximum weight.
  • Business Plus Long Radio: 2 cabin bags and 1 personal accessory. 14 kg maximum weight.
  • Short/Medium Radio Executive Class: 1 cabin suitcase and 1 personal accessory. 14 kg maximum weight.

The maximum dimensions of hand luggage are 56 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm including handles, pockets and wheels. On its own, a personal accessory can measure 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm. It can be a briefcase or a small purse or bag or a laptop. Also, if you are traveling with a baby, you can take a baby bag, which contains food, drinks and items necessary for the little one’s flight.

*IMPORTANT NOTE about Air Nostrum IB8XXX flights: You can carry up to one piece of luggage weighing up to 8 kg. Dimensions must not exceed 45x35x20cm. Baggage that does not comply with these regulations will be collected at the aircraft door and delivered to the same place upon arrival.

Iberia-Air Nostrum: planes

Iberia has a huge fleet at its disposal, as it flies not only in Spain or Europe, but throughout the world. Of course they all come from Airbus, like the A319, A320, A320Neo, A321, A330-300, A3330-200 and A350.

For its part, Air Nostrum frequently uses the CRJ-1000. These are the most used planes to travel from Pamplona Airport to Madrid. Iberia has 10 twin-engines of this type, which are 39.1 meters long and have a wingspan of 26.1 metres. This is also the latest model that Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum has added to its fleet. In addition, Air Nostrum has CRJ-900, CRJ-200 and ATR-72 aircraft.
In this case, the plane also has only one aisle. It has two seats per side and a maximum of 100 passengers. In short, it is a small aircraft used only for short and medium flights, as is the case of the flight between Pamplona and Madrid.

History of Iberia

Iberia was founded on June 28, 1927. Horacio Echevarrieta and Lufthansa established the airline as the Spanish monopoly of air transport. The flight between Barcelona and Madrid on December 14, 1927 was the beginning of the operations of this company. After several years of inactivity, the company resumed its activity in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War.

The airline has been active ever since. In 1944, the airline was nationalized, becoming part of the National Institute of Industry. In 1946, two years later, Iberia became the first airline to fly to South America from Europe.

As early as 1990, INI proposed a development strategy for Iberia in preparation for the liberalization of the European Union aviation market. The expansion took place in Latin America, taking possession of several South American airlines. However, these activities became unsustainable for Iberia, leading to a capital raising and a restructuring of its approach.

This privatization process was completed in 2001 through an initial public offering. The following year it even became part of the Ibex 35, where it remained until 2011 when it merged with British Airways. Today, Iberia has a large market share on routes within Spain and between Europe and Latin America.