Minors, pregnant women and people with reduced mobility

This page covers all the information related to pregnant women, people with reduced mobility and minors at the .

Traveling with babies

Although it is not recommended to make long trips with babies less than 21 days old, or short trips with those who are less than 7 days old, it is possible to travel with a baby by plane as little as 2 days after birth. birth.

Depending on the flight, to travel with a baby it will be necessary to show the following documentation:

  • Although babies can travel with their parents on domestic flights, the company may ask you for the family book.
  • Trips to countries outside the Schengen area: valid passport and visa (if necessary).
  • Trips to countries in the Schengen area: DNI or passport in validity period.

In addition, AENA issues a series of recommendations for people traveling with babies:

  • The same regulations that are established for liquids in hand luggage apply to liquids for the baby.
  • It is possible to bring a bag for the baby, since the baby has the right to carry hand luggage.
  • It is recommended that the airline knows in advance if you are going to need a baby seat.

Minors traveling alone

First of all, it is advisable to ask the corresponding airline about how to proceed before a minor travels unaccompanied. Apart from the conditions defined by the company, it is necessary that the parents, parents or whoever has parental authority, carry out express authorization so that the minor can fly alone within Spain. In addition, airlines can request the family book.

If the minor will travel abroad alone, it will be necessary for both parents or guardians to sign an official document issued by the Civil Guard or the National Police for this purpose, which is valid for thirty days. . They must present it together with the national identity document, passport and the documentation that proves parental authority. In case there is only one parent or guardian, this person will be the only one to sign the document.

Minors with escort service

Most airlines offer an escort service in those cases in which a minor between the ages of 5 and 12 is traveling alone, as long as an adult accompanies them at both the departure and arrival airports.

To do this, it will be necessary for those responsible for the minor to sign a Release of Responsibility and to guarantee that when the plane arrives there will be a person to take care of the minor. For its part, when obtaining the boarding pass, the airline will take care of the minor and will be legally responsible for the flight. In these situations, the minor will always have to carry the following documentation with them:

minor-pamplona airport
  • File with the details of the person who will pick you up at the destination airport.
  • DNI.
  • Flight ticket.
  • Parental authorization.

The minor will meet the corresponding person at the destination airport after collecting the luggage. As a general rule, they will leave the plane last and will be accompanied by an airline employee.

Pregnant women

For a pregnant woman without previous complications it is safe to travel. Despite this, in many cases, to travel pregnant it will be necessary to fill out a Disclaimer. In this way, the airline is not responsible for any incident that occurs during the flight as a result of the pregnancy.

In general, these are usually the requirements of the airlines, depending on the week of pregnancy:

  • Less than 28 weeks: Most companies do not ask for any authorization. Still, you need to check with your airline to confirm.
  • Between 28 and 36 weeks: airlines suggest flying with medical clearance.
  • More than 36 weeks: usually, they recommend not to fly. In case of a force majeure trip, it is necessary to consult a doctor and bring the authorization.

Remember that if you travel while pregnant you can use the safety filter for families. In addition, if you need it, you can also request the assistance service for people with reduced mobility that is developed below.

People with reduced mobility

Pamplona airport, like all AENA airports, has a service to facilitate the stay of people whose mobility is restricted. It is the assistance service for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

The Assistance Service for People with Reduced Mobility is aimed at people who find themselves in this situation for any reason, whether due to advanced age, physical or mental disability or any other reason.

To make use of the service, you must go to the check-in counter of the corresponding airline and request it. In these cases, it is recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hours and a half before the flight.

Now, it will be necessary that either when purchasing the ticket, or through the official AENA channels, you reserve this service at least forty-eight hours in advance.
It should also be taken into consideration that AENA underlines that minor with reduced mobility must fly accompanied. For more information on the subject, I recommend you visit the .

If you need more information about the I recommend that you visit the page dedicated to it.