Pamplona Airport Parking

The Pamplona airport car park is very close to the terminal and is completely free. You can leave your car in this car park and reach the terminal in a matter of a minute.

You will not have a problem finding a parking space in the car park. It is not necessary to reserve a place to park in the Pamplona airport car park. And it is that its more than 450 parking spaces are more than enough to cover the needs of the Navarrese aerodrome.

pamplona airport parking

The four hundred and eighty-seven spaces in this car park are not guarded, and are covered with canopies. Some of them are adapted for people with reduced mobility, and there are also multiple spaces for buses, both for those arriving from Pamplona and from anywhere else.

Unlike what happens in many airports in Spain, the entrance to the car park is completely free, and anyone can leave the vehicle for as long as they want and without any type of limitation. This makes the car park ideal for leaving the vehicle throughout your trip. That way, you’ll have it close by when you return.

pamplona airport parking

This car park is also perfect for going to the airport to drop off or pick up other passengers. And it is that there are no time limitations to pick up the car. Also, it is not necessary to take a ticket.

The entrance by vehicle to the Pamplona Airport car park is simple. The NA-6026 is the road that connects Pamplona airport with the rest of the main road network. To get to it, you must access from the PA-31 dual carriageway.

Click on this to find how to get to the Pamplona airport car park with the help of the Google Maps map.

When you arrive at the car park, your only concern will be finding a space to park your vehicle. Forget about getting a ticket when you enter, or looking for other ways to park your car to travel. Nor do you have to create a new account in a mobile application to pay for parking your car. Remember: this parking is free.

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