que hacer barcelona fin de semana niños

What to do on a weekend in Barcelona with kids

Hello, fathers and mothers. Are you going to with your family? If you are looking for some ideas about what to do in Barcelona on a weekend with kids… This blog post is for you!

We will talk about some of our favorite things to do in Barcelona with kids. Plans for the whole day or for a few hours, cultural plans or for animal lovers. Ready to start planning your trip with these 5 plans to do on a weekend in Barcelona with kids?

Let us begin!

Plans to do on a weekend in Barcelona with kids: Barcelona Aquarium

The Aquarium of Barcelona is a great place to visit with children, and it is the most important in a Mediterranean theme. It has more than 6,000 pieces of animals from around the world. And it even has an underwater tunnel where you can walk on the floor of the high-ceilinged deep sea. It will be an experience that your children will never forget.

barcelona with kids

The Oceanarium of this aquarium is also unique. It has more than 80 meters designed to transport visitors the sensation of walking on the bottom of the sea, as well as seeing the rays up close with the security of not getting hurt by accident.

Kids will love the Explore zone, which is full of exciting activities for them. In this section, you will find species such as those from the wetlands of the Ebro Delta or an underwater cave on the Medes Islands in Spain. But there is also something new, like an aquarium with different species from all over the world like whales or sharks to see.

Guell park

Güell park is a unique outdoor space, full of colors and unusual architectural shapes. It is an original place in Barcelona that you cannot miss on your weekend with children. They will love to see this work of art for themselves after learning about its creation through some old videos. You can also read some key historical facts about Gaudí.

weekend in barcelona with kids

The architecture of Gaudí’s park will not only attract lovers of Catalan genius, but also those who wish to learn more about this unique resource. The park offers organized tours with a guide who will show you everything from the beautiful Pórtico de la Lavandera (a corridor formed by curves and leaning columns) to some of the best representations of how this designer defies gravity. A place where the little ones will enjoy the unusual shapes proposed by Gaudí.

Barcelona Zoo

At the Barcelona Zoo you can learn about different species of animals that inhabit the five continents, as well as visit the Terrarium that houses one of the largest collections of reptiles in Europe.

what to do with kids in barcelona

In addition, another of the most interesting places in the space is the Titís Gallery. It is a great place to learn about some of the different animal species that inhabit the five continents. Also don’t forget to stop by The Land of Dragons, where the impressive Komodo dragons live.

Your little ones won’t forget seeing animals up close!

Chocolate museum

The Chocolate Museum is an ideal place for the smallest of the house. It offers a sweet visit that will allow you to discover the black gold of the Mayan and Aztec cultures, from its origins… And without forgetting its medicinal properties!

The museum is located in the old convent of San Agustín, which gives it an original appearance. The environment is just right to get to know this precious and delicious substance.

It is, in short, the perfect place for children to learn about chocolate. They will be able to see its seed and understand its manufacturing process; in fact, children can even get up close and appreciate the master chocolatiers’ works of art.

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The space also offers workshops in which children can learn to use chocolate, not only to eat, but also to paint. Finally, you can also buy and consume this delicious delicacy in the store.


The CosmoCaixa is a museum that includes permanent exhibitions and workshops designed especially for children. The museum has natural history and science classes, which are fun even if you’re not interested in those subjects before entering the museum. All in all, this place has something for everyone, and whatever your interests, I highly recommend you check it out when you bring your little ones to Barcelona.

The Universe Room is an interactive museum that takes children on an exciting journey from the Big Bang to human evolution.

a weekend in barcelona with kids

On the other hand, children will love visiting the Flooded Forest while learning about species such as alligators and boas that live in tropical forests, two examples of animals found nowhere else on Earth.

Nor should you miss Dos Miradas a la Antártida, which is also worth it if you have more time. A place to discover what life is like in one of the most incredible places on the planet.

Other options to do on a weekend in Barcelona with children

As we have mentioned, if you have children, and you don’t know what to do on a weekend in Barcelona, ​​we have proposed five great options for you to enjoy some relaxing time with your family. The Aquarium is a must, as well as the Güell Park, the Chocolate Museum, the Zoo and, finally, the CosmoCaixa Museum.

But there are many more places: the Botanical Garden, the Parque del Castillo de l’Oreneta or Illa Fantasia are also great options to visit with children on your weekend in Barcelona. Have fun!

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